Embedded World: Getting Agile with Simulation

Embedded World Event 2018 Overview image

I have a show floor talk at the upcoming Embedded World in Nurnberg, the world’s premier “Embedded” show. At 10.00, on February 27, I will present “Getting Agile in Embedded Development using Simulation” in Hall 3. This talk is about how you can use simulation to get around the annoying “hard” part of hardware in the development of systems – and what kind of simulation makes sense for what kind of problem. 

In general, with simulation, it is much easier to try things out, and work with small incremental deliveries across hardware, software, firmware, the hardware-software interface, and overall system design.  A few examples of how this works can be found in blog posts like “Getting to Small Batches in Hardware Design using Simulation” and “Continuous Delivery, Embedded Systems, and Simulation”. 

Simulation is also a very broad term, and it can be applied in many ways at many levels of abstraction. There is no "one simulator to rule them all”, or a “one size fits all” solution, but rather a broad field with many different solutions that apply to different problems. One aspect is how to balance the detail-level of the simulation against the scope you want to cover. Back in the early days of using the Intel® Wind River® Simics® virtual platform, we used to show this diagram, which is still as valid today: 

Scope VS. Abstraction Diagram

Slide from a guest lecture given at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, February 2003.  

I will discuss this and other aspects of simulation, looking in particular at how Wind River Simics and Intel® CoFluent™ Technology can be used to cover everything from firmware and software to the behavior of IoT systems with tens of thousands of nodes. 

And there might a spherical cow or two. 

Click here to view my Embedded World session information, or sign up, if you plan to be in Nuremburg, Germany.

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