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Summary of the Intel Developer Forum 2015
Por jacace Publicado en 27/08/15 2
I was last week in San Francisco attending to the IDF and I must confess that I’m still thinking about all the cool things that I saw. I though in sharing the technical sessions which I enjoyed the most (in no particular order) with you so you can taste what is like an IDF. I would like to thank you to all my Black Belt fellows and everyone at Intel who makes this happen, hats off and all my sincere gratitude to Kathy, Russ, Vishwas, Scott, Morris and Christos.
Upgrading a C# plug-in to Intel® vPro™ Platform Solution Manager
Por jacace Publicado en 05/08/15 0
The goal of this post is updating the source code of a C# plug-in to make it work with the latest version of Intel® vPro™ Platform Solution Manager (
Developing a C# Plugin for The Intel® vPro™ Platform Solution Manager
Por jacace Publicado en 25/02/14 0
This article shows some simple steps to develop a C# plugin to be launched by The Intel® vPro™ Platform Solution Manager (PSM) framework application. Bear in mind that PSM includes several preconfigured plugins which cover common usage scenarios, so plugin development is recommended only for customized functionalities.
IDF 2011 is comming!
Por jacace Publicado en 08/08/11 0
Hi everybody! Wow it seems like yesterday when I remember the last Intel Developer Forum (IDF) but it was almost 1 year ago from now. For some of you who are new to IDF let me explain you a bit about it, it's an annual event where there are many activities taking place at the same time, like the ...
It’s time to migrate to the Intel AMT SCS 7.0
Por jacace Publicado en 12/04/11 0
As you probably have noticed, there are great posts about the Intel AMT SCS 7.0 (check this or this for example). This post is not about all new features, it’s just a look to the previous 5.X version to see the benefits of migrating.  The 7.0 version has been available for some time, but there ar...
Intel Manageability Checker 2.0
Por jacace Publicado en 01/03/11 0
The Intel Manageability checker is the best partner one can find when it’s time to verify the usage cases. This tool lets capturing and analyzing Intel® AMT traffic between two systems to validate any of the 14 predefined Intel® Active Management Technology Use Cases and creating a report with a ...
Intel AMT + WinPE = Offline P2V
Por jacace Publicado en 18/01/11 1
Intel AMT (IDE-R and KVM) + WinPE = Offline P2V is a usage case variation (derived of OS Reimaging with SOL-IDER and WinPE) that lets you create virtual hard disks (VHD file formats) in order to restore them in a virtual machine monitor. There are many methods to perform a physical to virtual (P2...