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Let the Ultimate Coder: Ultrabook Challenge Begin!
Por Bob Duffy (Intel) Publicado en 07/08/12 9
The Ultimate Coder: Ultrabook™ Challenge, has officially kicked off, where six developers compete head to head to code apps for next generation Ultrabooks running Windows 8 with touch and sensor technology. Each week, they’ll post their progress while four industry expert bloggers weigh in and e...
Ultrabook­™ Work, Create, Play Challenge - 15mm of Game Dev Goodness
Por Bob Duffy (Intel) Publicado en 24/04/12 5
Can the Ultrabook™ be versatile for other work/create/play scenarios. So why not game development? How well can you both create and play games on an Ultrabook?
Ultrabook developers to bridge gap between mobile and PC use cases
Por Bob Duffy (Intel) Publicado en 28/03/12 0
The divide between mobile and PC application use cases and experiences still seems fairly broad. Even today there are application use cases more suited for mobile devices, such as location based apps, while others more suited for a PC, like performance computing. However with Ultrabooks, develo...
Is Time Travel Possible With The Right SDK?
Por Bob Duffy (Intel) Publicado en 05/02/10 5
You might recall the 80's film series Back to The Future, where Marty McFly uses a time machine to to go back and forward in time. That machine was driven by a fictional piece of technology called the Flux Capacitor, which made it possible for Marty to set a time in the past or future and travel ...