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Dynamically load javascript with load completion notification
Por Andy Idsinga (Intel) Publicado en 22/05/10 5
Here's a javascript function to dynamically load javascript into a page and get a notification (callback) when the script is done loading. I used to use the good 'ol window.onload handler - but I've found that this way is better as the Web APIs we're building need to dynamically add scripts to th...
Some web apis for the webs and the apps
Por Andy Idsinga (Intel) Publicado en 12/04/10 0
Late last week we released to the webs our project's first set of web apis. This first set of APIs are simple, and meant to provide the app developer with a bit more device side contextual information so they might use it to provide a better experience for their user. Here's some code you can em...
API drafts posted at W3C - web developer comments welcome!
Por Andy Idsinga (Intel) Publicado en 22/10/09 3
The other day ago our team, including Clayne Robison who also has a blog here on ISN, posted some API drafts to the W3C's Device API and Policy Working Group. In a previous post I kicked off a conversation with web developers about exposing device capabilities as javascript APIs and widgets in th...