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Doctor Fortran in "One Door Closes"
Por Steve Lionel (Intel) Publicado en 04/09/15 0
In previous posts (here, here and here), I've written about the content of and process of creating the next revision of the Fortran standard, Fortran 2015. At the August 2015 joint WG5/J3 meeting in London, England, we finally shut the door on adding still more new features to F2015, though a few snuck in during the meeting. First I'll bring you up to date on what's planned for the new standard, including the latest additions, and then talk a bit about what comes next.
Doctor Fortran in "We All Live in a Yellow Submodule"
Por Steve Lionel (Intel) Publicado en 07/07/15 0
This article introduces the implementation of the submodule feature new in Intel® Fortran in compiler version 16.0. This allows modification of submodules without recompiling every source that uses a module.
Doctor Fortran in "The Future of Fortran"
Por Steve Lionel (Intel) Publicado en 27/03/15 4
In November 2014, I led a session at SC14 (the event formerly known as “Supercomputing”) titled “The Future of Fortran”. I invited representatives from other vendors and members of the Fortran standards committee to participate, and had some accept, but when it came time for the session, I was up...
GNU Terry Pratchett
Por Steve Lionel (Intel) Publicado en 24/03/15 0
  xkcd This post contains no Fortran. British author Sir Terry Pratchett died March 12, 2015 at age 66, finally succumbing to what he called "The Embuggerance", a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease, posterior cortical atrophy (PCA), which affects the rear portions of the brain. An extensive obit...
Doctor Fortran in "It's a Modern Fortran World"
Por Steve Lionel (Intel) Publicado en 30/12/13 0
I recently received a copy of "Numerical Computing with Modern Fortran", by Richard Hanson and Tim Hopkins, and noted how many books on Fortran are being published recently with "Modern Fortran" in the titles. It turns out this is not a new phenomenon - a search on shows that this phra...
Has it really been 35 years?
Por Steve Lionel (Intel) Publicado en 02/10/13 6
I knew this date was coming up, but I had forgotten about it for a while until my manager reminded me - October 2, 2013 marks my 35th anniversary "at Intel". I put that in quotes because Intel "grandfathered" my time at DEC and Compaq. It was October 2, 1978, when I walked into DEC's facility in ...
Doctor Fortran Goes Dutch: Fortran 2015
Por Steve Lionel (Intel) Publicado en 08/08/13 1
The ISO Fortran Standards Committee held its annual meeting in Delft, The Netherlands, in late June. I represented Intel at this meeting where the focus was on completing the set of requirements for the next revision of the Fortran standard, to be called Fortran 2015. You can read my earlier post...
Doctor Fortran in "Source Form Just Wants to be Free"
Por Steve Lionel (Intel) Publicado en 11/01/13 0
In the beginning, there was only one source form for FORTRAN (as it was then known) programs. Each statement was exactly 72 characters long - no more, no less. (See note below.) Columns 1-5 were for statement labels, whole line comments were indicated with a C in column 1, and column 6 was reserv...
Doctor Fortran in "I Can C Clearly Now, Part I"
Por Steve Lionel (Intel) Publicado en 11/05/12 1
Spend any time in the comp.lang.fortran newsgroup, or other places where programming languages are discussed, and you’ll soon see a new “Which is better, Fortran or C?” thread show up. These never fail to produce heated comments from people who should know better. My answer is that neither is “be...
Doctor Fortran Gets Explicit - Again!
Por Steve Lionel (Intel) Publicado en 05/01/12 11
Nearly 11 years ago (!) I wrote an item for the Visual Fortran Newsletter on explicit interfaces in Fortran. In recent weeks, I have had to refer quite a few customers to this article, suggesting that many Fortran programmers don't understand the role and rules of explicit interfaces. However, wh...