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Multi-OS Engine of Intel® INDE – Technical Overview
Por KARTHIYAYINI C. (Intel) Publicado en 30/07/15 0
You would have probably known why the Multi-OS Engine of Intel® INDE would address your cross platform needs through this blog. This blog articulates how your Java skills and Java skills only will enable you to develop native apps for iOS* and Android*. We are going to discuss Introduction to Cr...
Power your Mobile App Development with the Multi-OS Engine of Intel® INDE
Por KARTHIYAYINI C. (Intel) Publicado en 30/07/15 0
Today marks a great milestone for Intel® Integrated Native Development Experience (Intel® INDE) suite when Intel Corp announced the Multi-OS Engine, a cool new feature of Intel® INDE at the Android Developer Conference (Andevcon) 2015, Boston. As you may have known, Intel® INDE is a cross platfo...
Compatibilidad con Android en Intel INDE
Por pubudu r. Publicado en 30/07/15 0
Intel® INDE makes you more productive by helping you set up and manage your cross-platform client and mobility-app software development environment. Read here to see how Intel® INDE makes Android* application development more pleasant and productive.
Compilación de bibliotecas de middleware Android* para dispositivos x86 con el uso del NDK para Android
Por Datapress Publicado en 30/07/15 0
Hay muchas bibliotecas de middleware con las cuales los desarrolladores están creando fabulosas aplicaciones para Android. Si una aplicación se publicó hace un tiempo en Google* Play, es probable que la biblioteca en ese entonces solo admitiera dispositivos ARM. Las aplicaciones pueden llegar a u...
Un vistazo rápido a la emulación de Android acelerada por hardware, con el uso del Supervisor de Ejecución Acelerada por Hardware de Intel® (Intel® HAXM)
Por Shailen S. Publicado en 30/07/15 0
A look at the advantages of using Intel(R) HAXM for Android Emulation. HAXM speeds up Android app emulation on a host development machine and is available as a feature of Intel(R) INDE or as a standalone release.
Упрощаем работу с алгоритмами компьютерного зрения при помощи пакета OpenCV Intel(R) INDE
Por ALEXEY K. (Intel) Publicado en 30/07/15 0
A few examples playing around with the Canny edge detector feature with OpenCV libraries that comes with Intel(R) INDE.
五千万投入 首款HAVOK手游《龙之战境》技术解析
Por Richard Wang (Intel) Publicado en 29/07/15 0
五千万投入 首款HAVOK手游《龙之战境》技术解析 日前,博瑞游戏对外发布了旗下2015年三款手游新作。其中,采用HAVOK引擎打造的ARPG手游《龙之战境》自公布以来,就引起了业界的广泛关注。 这是国内首款宣布采用HAVOK引擎打造的手游产品(腾讯旗下端游《刀锋铁骑》,网易旗下多款端游也是采用Havok引擎打造)。那么HAVOK引擎为什么被称为“世界第一物理引擎”?它的强大又体现在哪里?采用了HAVOK引擎又能为产品带来怎样的改变呢? 大作首选,“第一物理引擎”HAVOK 作为物理模拟计算引擎界领军者的HAVOK引擎,自推出以来就受到了诸多游戏开发商的青睐,推出15年来,在...
DPDK Summit San Francisco 2015
Por Thomas K. (Intel) Publicado en 28/07/15 0
The DPDK community comes together face-to-face at this event and continues a forward looking dialogue on the direction of packet processing in a variety of industry segments such as telecom, cloud, enterprise, security, financial services, and healthcare. A multitude of technical issues in fron...
Webinar: IDF LIVE - Parallel Programming Pearls
Por Mike Pearce (Intel) Publicado en 28/07/15 0
Unable to join us at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco this August? We have you covered. This session dives into real-world parallel programming optimization examples, from around the world, through the eyes and wit of enthusiast, author, editor and evangelist James Reinders. When: Wed,...
With STEM Education, Women Can Create Both Technology and Their Own Futures
Por Prabha G. Publicado en 28/07/15 0
The decline of young women's participation in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in the U.S. is alarming for many reasons, but it's especially resonant for someone like me, whose cultural heritage is Indian. (Watch this short video, where I discuss these topics in person.)...