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英特尔® 物联网终极编码挑战赛
Por Carman, Vicky Publicado en 04/03/17 0
The 2016 competition may be over but the innovation never ends. Watch videos of the finalists and winners and find out what they are up to now.
Intel® XDK March 2017 Release – Exporting apps and going “all-in” on IoT
Por jhwolf (Intel) Publicado en 03/03/17 1
As we have been talking about in the past several months and releases, we have been looking for new ways to make your mobile app development experience more complete and more productive, even as we move more toward IoT application development. With that in mind, we’d like to tell you about the ne...
Create Agile IoT Solutions with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and Google Cloud Platform*
Por Carman, Vicky Publicado en 02/03/17 1
Innovate faster with a new expanded IoT toolset from Intel and Google*. Developers can connect sensors, gather and analyze data as well as using the services and support of both communities.
The Hidden Problem with Easy Cybercrime
Por Rosenquist, Matthew L Publicado en 01/03/17 0
There was nothing shocking in a recent Computer Weekly article on the top UK cyber threats: Banking malware, DDoS, ransomware and CEO fraud. One quote did catch my eye. Mike Hulett, head of operations for the National Cyber Crime Unit was talking about how people get started in cybercrime.   “...
Streamlining Cloud Gaming Infrastructure
Por (name withheld) Publicado en 28/02/17 0
By Yuval Noimark, GameFly Streaming For game developers and the users they serve, the future is cloudy—and that’s a good thing. Increasingly, the infrastructure for developing and delivering games to end users will be located in cloud-based datacenters equipped to power graphically rich workload...
Intel Software Innovator Pedro Kayatt’s VR Dinosaurs
Por Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Publicado en 28/02/17 0
VR Monkey Co-Founder and Intel Software Innovator, Pedro Kayatt, has been working hard the last couple of years to realize a dream – to use education, science, and technology to immerse people in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment so they can experience what Brazil was like during the time of the...
The Rabbit Hole: An Escape Room VR Game
Por Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Publicado en 28/02/17 0
Pedro Kayatt is an Intel Software Innovator with a strong passion for VR and games. As the Co-Founder of VR Monkey, Pedro spoke to us about his latest virtual reality game, The Rabbit Hole. Tell us about The Rabbit Hole. The Rabbit Hole is a virtual reality game that mimics the experience of ...
什么是英特尔® 软件创新者计划?快速介绍
Por Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Publicado en 27/02/17 0
英特尔® 软件创新者计划 您知道吗,英特尔® 专门为独立开发人员设计了一项计划,以支持他们使用最新的技术和开源软件,将想法变为现实。英特尔希望通过这个计划与软件开发人员建立联系,这些软件开发人员在现实世界中创建了广泛的项目,从交互式虚拟现实游戏到为残疾人提供服务的新设备。他们所创建的项目全部采用当今最前沿的技术。 什么是创新者计划? The 英特尔® 软件创新者计划面向具备创建和展示前瞻性计划能力的创新型独立开发人员,为他们提供在行业活动和开发人员聚会中发言和展示项目的机会。通过他们对尖端技术的专业知识和创新能力,英特尔软件创新者展示了创新精神、试验精神和积极探索精神,激励了广大的...
Intel® Software Innovators: Women in Tech – A Personal Perspective
Por Warner, Elizabeth (Intel) Publicado en 27/02/17 0
It’s well known that women are a minority in the tech field, so last year we decided that we wanted to be a part of the International Women’s Day (IWD) movement and do our part to help celebrate women’s achievement worldwide. Through the support of Intel, along with dedicated and passionate women...
The Circle: a book report
Por Clay B. Publicado en 27/02/17 0
Could you live in a world that doesn't have secrets? Would you want to? The Circle, by Dave Eggers, examines a fictional world that is being nudged toward that end through technology. While reading this book I had many questions about how far society would go or be willing to be led into a place where everything that anyone does or knows can be seen or known by anyone else forever. Some of my musings about this are within.