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What's New in the 2016 R2 Intel RealSense SDK?

25 de mayo de 2016 | 0 comentarios

The second release in 2016 (2016R2) of the Intel® RealSense™ SDK (for Windows) is v10.0.26.0396.   The minimum versions of the  Intel® RealSense™ camera DCMs have been raised for R200  to and for SR300 to with F200 requiring or later. The supported version of...

Intel to continue support of Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX Prime 2016

24 de mayo de 2016 | 0 comentarios

Hi there! My name is Christopher Floyd and I’m part of the team at Indie MEGABOOTH. If you’ve been to a PAX, GDC, E3, Gamescom, or BitSummit recently, you probably saw us there. We work to help independent teams get their games noticed at huge game events such as those I just mentioned.

Hackathon Ecovillages, Les Diablerets, Switzerland

23 de mayo de 2016 | 0 comentarios

The ecovillages association make promotion for sustainable development in villages and ski resort. One of the major carbon mission source in moutain village is about mobility and accessibility. For that reason, to motivate innovation and concrete solution development, ecovillage decide to organise...

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Intel® IoT Developer Stories for May

17 de mayo de 2016 | 0 comentarios

1. Learning about Input and Output Learn the basics of I/O in electronics, including how to enable I/O functionality on the Intel® Edison board.

Intel Distribution for Python Beta

16 de mayo de 2016 | 0 comentarios

The Beta for Intel® Distribution for Python* 2017 has been available for 1 month and I wanted to share some of our experiences. Our goal is to let you program in Python without having to compromise on performance. The feedback so far has been very encouraging. You love the performance and getting...

Sharing CPU and GPU buffers on Linux*

13 de mayo de 2016 | 0 comentarios

The fact that the CPU and GPU share physical memory through advanced and smart hierarchy logic on Intel® Architecture (IA) is a key feature to efficiently use graphic textures. During the past year, Intel Open-Source Technology Center (OTC) has been leveraging this hardware feature on Chrome* OS...

Top Ten Intel® Software Developer Stories | May

11 de mayo de 2016 | 2 comentarios

GDG SP Android Meetup 3 Year Anniversary

10 de mayo de 2016 | 0 comentarios

In the last Saturday (7th of May 2016), GDG SP organized a celebration for the 3 Year Anniversary at the Oxigênio Aceleradora where around 150 developers gathered for 8 hours of content distributed in 9 technical lectures presented by developers from Google, Intel, Samsung, Caelum, Mokriya,...

JuliaCon 2016: June 21-15

9 de mayo de 2016 | 0 comentarios

Julia is a high performance dynamic programming language for technical computing. The 3rd Julia conference will happen June 21-25 in Cambridge Massachusetts.  There will be a day of workshops, three days of talks, and a hackathon day.

Doubling the Performance of OpenStack Swift with No Code Changes

6 de mayo de 2016 | 0 comentarios

My current gig is mostly about performance. I manage a group of software engineers dedicated to the languages becoming really important to the cloud and the datacenter. One of those languages is Python. It's truly astonishing to me how this little open source language with a 25 year history has...