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Top 5 Things to Know About Recent IoT Attacks

26 de octubre de 2016 | 1 comentario

Scalable software controller, the next evolution in Intel Rack Scale Design

25 de octubre de 2016 | 0 comentarios

In our last discussion, I outlined the need for flexibility and scale in the datacenter and how it necessitates the need for flexible hardware architectures like Intel® Rack Scale Design (RSD). RSD architecture provides pooling of physical resources which can be upgraded by building blocks and not...

Cerber Ransomware Now Hunts for Databases

25 de octubre de 2016 | 0 comentarios

Will the Future U.S. Leaders Establish a Cybersecurity Strategy?

20 de octubre de 2016 | 0 comentarios

The U.S. lacks of a clear and comprehensive national cybersecurity policy, objectives, and plan.  It is very concerning.  As cyber issues continue to grow, we will look back and ask ourselves "why didn't we move on this earlier?"  It is far easier to avoid disaster than recover from one.  Now is...

The Latest IoT Device I Do NOT Want Hacked

19 de octubre de 2016 | 2 comentarios

What if someone hacked this remotely controlled semi-autonomous tractor?

How to Secure the Future of IoT

17 de octubre de 2016 | 1 comentario

The world of IoT security just became more complex.  IoT devices are no longer a potential threat to their owners, now they pose a significant threat to everything connected to the Internet.

SIGGRAPH 2016 Insights and Observations

17 de octubre de 2016 | 2 comentarios

At SIGGRAPH 2016, Intel presented sessions on occlusion culling, deep learning, high-dynamic range video, 360 video editing workflow for VR, and 4K video scaling. You can find the slides from these presentations on our SIGGRAPH Special Sessions page.

The Visualization Toolkit, Enhanced by Software Defined Visualization

13 de octubre de 2016 | 2 comentarios

Greetings, developers. My name is David DeMarle and I am a developer at Kitware. I’d like to discuss some of the work we’ve been doing recently with Intel and the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). Kitware is a software consulting company that primarily develops open source technologies. CMake...