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Code Modernization Black Belt IDF Presentation Report

16 de septiembre de 2015 | 0 comentarios

On Tuesday, August 18, Kathy Farrel Moderated an IDF panel of Code Modernization Experts at IDF 2015: Intel PE Robert Geva, and three Black Belt Software Developers; Clay Breshears, Tom Murphy and Gaston Hillar. Our presentation set out to help developers understand the necessity to utilize...

Supercharge Media Application Development with Visual Coding Framework

16 de septiembre de 2015 | 0 comentarios

Intel® Corporation has just introduced a new revolutionary Intel® INDE beta feature Called Visual Coding Framework (VCF). VCF empowers developers with a high productivity and performance option for creation of visual computing centric applications via a drag and drop graph framework. This graph...

Intel® Developer Tools and Online Courseware Enrich the HPC Curriculum at Ural Federal University

16 de septiembre de 2015 | 0 comentarios

Russia's Ural Federal University—with advanced software developer tools including Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition plus technical and instructional support from Intel--combines online, practical, and classroom learning to provide a rich and comprehensive educational experience for the high...

The New Parallel Universe Magazine is Out: All About Vectorization

16 de septiembre de 2015 | 0 comentarios

Parallel Universe is Intel's quarterly magazine that explores inroads and innovations in software development. The new issue takes a deep dive into the subject of vectorization and what it can do for you. Our first feature article looks at the SIMD directives for explicit vector programming now...

No Cost Options for Intel Integrated Performance Primitives Library (IPP), Support Yourself, Royalty-Free

14 de septiembre de 2015 | 0 comentarios

Intel® IPP is an extensive library which includes thousands of optimized functions covering frequently used fundamental algorithms including those for creating digital media, enterprise data, embedded, communications, and scientific/technical applications. Intel IPP includes routines for Image...

Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Intel IoT Developer Stories

14 de septiembre de 2015 | 0 comentarios

Our team of software developers, experts, partners and enthusiasts have continuously shared innovative and exciting ideas in the Intel® IoT Developer Zone. This month we’ve compiled a list of our most popular IoT stories to guide you through the latest projects in the IoT space.

Detailed Instructions for Getting Started with Intel® RealSense™ App Development

13 de septiembre de 2015 | 0 comentarios

Getting started developing an application using Intel® RealSense™ technology? Here are detailed instructions on how to do it, using the Intel® RealSense™ SDK version R4 or above.

New Memory Access Analysis in VTune™ Amplifier XE 2016 Supports of Tracing Memory Allocation/De-allocation Used in Your Code

10 de septiembre de 2015 | 0 comentarios

New memory access analysis in XE 2016 version, combines functions from old Memory Access and Bandwidth. And there is a new feature to trace system memory allocation / de-allocation in your code. Note that this feature uses of instrumenting system memory allocation / de-allocation APIs, it will...

The JITter Conundrum - Just in Time for Your Traffic Jam

10 de septiembre de 2015 | 0 comentarios

In interpreted languages, it just takes longer to get stuff done - I earlier gave the example where the Python source code a = b + c would result in a BINARY_ADD byte code which takes 78 machine instructions to do the add, but it's a single native ADD instruction if run in compiled language like C...

NEW Intel® Iris™, Iris™ Pro, and HD Graphics Production Driver for Windows* 7, 8.1, 10

10 de septiembre de 2015 | 0 comentarios

Note: Operating system support varies by platform. Please see the associated ReadMe's for more details. The Windows 10* production driver has been posted to Intel Download Center at the following direct links to the driver: This driver is in self installing format (exe) intended for...