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Intel Fortran XE 2013 help documentation issue with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
By Rong C.0
Hello, I have just install Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate and Intel Visual Fortran XE 2012 (update 5, the latest version). But I find a problem about the help documentation file: When I open 'Parallel Studio XE 2013 with VS2012',  and click 'Help' -> 'Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 Help'. But then, in the Microsoft Helper Viewer 2.0, it says, 'Cannot find requested topic on your computer'. Therefore, the Fortran Help documentation cannot be used. This is quite annoying. Does anyone know how to fix this bug?  Thanks in advance!
BIND(C) Results in a Seg Fault Returning Int Values
By TWare2
I'm slightly confused about the use of BIND(C) for calling C functions that return a value. As background, I have a library of C functions that I'm calling via a module-interface using only !DEC$ declarations. A typical declaration would be for calling the C function is: !DEC$ATTRIBUTES C, DLLIMPORT, ALIAS:'_xlCreateBookA':: xlCreateBook This worked fine with the Mac Fortran compiler, but the Linux compiler complained about DLLIMPORT. So, to correct the compiler issue, and to be more modern, I tried rewriting the interfaces to use BIND(C). Some work, some don't. An example of a successful conversion that eliminates the use of !DEC$ follows: Integer (LPTRZ) Function xlCreateBook() !^ A pointer is returned. !DEC$ATTRIBUTES C, DLLIMPORT, ALIAS:'_xlCreateBookA':: xlCreateBook import End Function was changed to: Integer (C_INTPTR_T) Function xlCreateBook() & & Bind(C,Name='xlCreateBookA') Use, Intrinsic :: ISO_C_Binding !^ A pointer i...
having problem in adt
By austian 8.2
Hi I am having problem in having adt . Can't launch it. I m using SDK adt bundle. I have installed adt 22.0 zip. how can I solve it? here is the screen shot
Software KVM over IP through UEFI?
By David E.1
Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to share my idea, but I can't find any UEFI forum on the net. I had the idea that it must be possible to implement a KVM over IP solution completely in Software with UEFI. One just needs to implement UEFI Display, Keyboard & Mice drivers, that redirect to KVM over IP. Has anyone had this idea and is working on a solution like this? Greetings & Blessings, David Egli        
Chrome appears to be missing Download Chrome
By D M.1
I have installed Chrome in my windows 8 pro laptop before installing XDK But i am getting this message evrytime . i set chrome's path but still issue not resolved.   any help on this .. i am a novice in this
Registerd Partner Logo
By Shashi5
Hi , As we are registered partner with intel Software can we publish the same in our website with intel logo
Issues with OpenCL installer released in 2013
By Maximilien N.1
I am not sure I am posting in the write place, but I got some issues installing openCL on my computer, an error occurs and I don't know what is wrong. I have got Windows7 32bits, with an Intel(R) core(TM) i7-3770T CPU. I downloaded the installer from your web site : "http://software.intel.com/en-us/vcsource/tools/opencl-sdk" I got the software correctly downloaded : "intel_sdk_for_ocl_applications_2013_x86_setup.exe" But when I run it, an error occurs and there is no way to learn anything more about what happened. So my question is, considering my situation, do you know what am I doing wrong? And is there a solution? Thanks for your attention.
Intel AMT WSMAN Java Library and Certification Check
By Ajaya Kumar S.2
Hi All, How to use Intel AMT WSMAN Java Library for Certificate Check (such as CA Check, CN Check and Revocation Check)? Regard, Ajaya


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How to cite intel example in thesis/dissertation
By augustinedyellu0
Hi,I am a student working on a final project that required me use NETLIB's CLAPACK library's ZGEEV function to compute the eigen - values of a matrix. This was only part of a longer code that computes the roots a polynomial. I found an example from INTEL, which I slightly altered to meet the goals of what I intended to do. I however retained almost the entire example published by intel and made minor adjustments to the TYPES of the variables to suit the compiler I was using. Does anyone know how best to cite a such a published example code in a document like a thesis/dissertation. Do I need the consent of INTEL to use such an example! Thank you.
Intel press ebook download failed noggin.intel.com & no serial id
By steveoreo0
Hi intel rep, I bought 2 books, software optimization cookbook 2nd edition, and software vectorization handbook. For the software optimization cookbook 2nd edition, I registered it in my a/c but it always stop downloading at 7mb (the total file size is 9.2mb), I tried with firefox IE opera , from home & office , with or without proxy, no help, always stop at 7mb, of course it means failed. For the software vectorization handbook, I can't find the serial number, so can't register this book, what should I do if I want the ebook version? thanks in advance for help. Steve
short Training on prallel programming for multicore machines
By Iffat Zafar0
Hi, I am looking for some summer school/workshop/training course in UK or Europe, on Parallelising the computer vision applications for multicore machines to optimise performance using Intel software developemnt products e.g. Intel C++ studio including TBB, OpenMP for multithreading and Intel Performance Primitives for optimising existing Computer vision code.I have tried to search but can't find any.Any guidance in this regard will be appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Iffat
ifort12 takes long time to compile allocatable module variables
By luis.gc.rego0
Hello, I have been working with ifort11 and just recently have changed to ifort12. However, to compile the same code, ifort12 takes a couple of minutes to compile some modules that ifort11 used to compile in a couple of seconds. The particular modules that show the problem have an allocatable module array declaration, like the one below. I would like to know what is going on.Luis module this_module use other modules , only: functions, subroutines public :: subroutine_A private Real*8 , allocatable :: matrix(:,:,:) contains!!subroutine_A ....
intel atom d425kt board startup sequence
By santosh_24919870
i am working on intel atom d425kt motherboard fearturing INTEL ATOM D425 processor and NM10 CHIPSET. The documentation for this board shows that an SPI based flash is used for BIOS and is connected to the CHIPSET. The processor and chipset are inturn connected by a DIRECT MEIDIA INTERFACE (DMI, similar to pci). However what i could not figure out is how the processor control goes from reset vector to SPI bios. any help would be much appreciated... B.SANTOSH
I can't download material for the course war.
By obounaim1
As in the title i wan't to download this material :http://software.intel.com/en-us/courseware/course/view.php?id=384 I'm loged and i have checked "I have read and agree with the" on the download page and select all. When i hit submit i get this page and nothing happens :http://software.intel.com/en-us/courseware/course/format/share/download.php Thanks.
About parallel programming in javascript
By jose-jesus-ambriz-meza1
Hi everyone! I saw many months ago these links about javascript parallel http://blogs.intel.com/research/2011/09/15/pjs/ https://github.com/rivertrail/rivertrail Somebody have a step-by-step guide for implement some example? ( since installation) I have trying to create repositories in javascript ( like threads that try to do something each 300 ms or 500 ms ). Some days ago I implemented something with the function SetTimeOut ( Window class ). see that in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNVzaWp4dDU What do you think about it?
assembly programming
By Sachin Sharma1
I have made a 8086 bit program which compiled with no errors on 32bit compilers.now i don't know how to view the result on 32bit compilers?Please help here is code of 8086 program .MODEL SMALL.STACK 100HDATA SEGMENT MULTIPLICAND DW 204AH; MULTIPLIER DW 382AH; PRODUCT DW 2 DUP(0);DATA ENDS;CODE SEGMENT ASSUME CS:CODE,DS:DATASTART: MOV AX,DATA; MOV DS,AX; MOV AX,MULTIPLICAND; MUL MULTIPLIER; MOV PRODUCT,AX; MOV PRODUCT+2,DX; int 3 CODE ENDS END START


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I need some help, create a java script image slider in android.
By Ashwin S Ashok0
Guys , I am an android developer,I am having some problem with the java script type image slider in android. The Images are downloaded from internet and shown,  Please suggest any library or something that might help.  
Intel x86 image for android 4.4
By Kishor Desai9
Hi, Is Intel Atom x86 for android 4.4 (Kitkat) released? I recently updated my SDK, I can locate image for ARM but not for Intel.  Won't it come with SDK like other earlier images? Or should I download it from somewhere else? Thanks Kishor.
Can't install HAXM on WIndows 8.1 Pro
By Wojciech F.31
Hello. I'm trying to install HAXM on Windows 8.1 Pro and every time I get the message "This computer meets the requirements for HAXM, but Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) is not turned on.". I have a ASUS K75JV notebook with Intel Core i7 3610QM processor and 8GB RAM. I have tried all found solutions and it still won't install: I have the latest BIOS for my notebook VT-x and VT-d are turned on in BIOS I don't have Hyper-V installed on my system I've tried "bcdedit /set nx AlwaysOn" and reboot Tried HAXM 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 (Win 8.1 hotfix)
How can i add uses-permisson to an apk.If i need to access /dev/mem using an native interface.
By Govind S.0
How can i add uses-permisson to an apk.If i need to access /dev/mem using an native interface. I will put my problem in 2 steps. 1) I am trying to control I/O using an apk with the help of native method(JNI).In my native method I am trying to open /dev/mem and mmaping the i/o address. But native code fails in opening /dev/mem. I have explicitly installed apk in system/apk on a remounted file system. 2) If i run a linux executable using mmap on the same android machine it works. So is there any way to run this apk as root by adding permission in manifest file.I have tried changing permission for dev/mem in apk itself(no success) For me it looks Android security framework is forbidding to use /dev/mem. I explored bit on linux capabilities(linux/capabilities.h) and tried to use capset prior to calling dev/mem open call. But capset also failed due to unprivileged access.     Any suggestions appreciated.
How to get an Intel based device to test applications on?
By aeassa1
Hi,  I would like to get my hands on an Intel-based device to test my applications on. Have a Dell Venue 7, but cannot get it to work (no USB drivers). I see the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1" could potentially work, but this is a slow CLT+ based device and rather expensive (~$400) considering BYT devices should hit the market at some point in the near future (but apparently not near-enough...).  Is there any chance that Intel sends out/sells BYT FFRDs? I would be more than happy to buy one directly from Intel (assuming that you can supply a USB driver). Although I do wish there were more devices available for purchase suitable for this purpose...can't imagine this is good for X86 adoption on Android. Regards, AE
XOLO 910 Medfield....ADB not running?
By Charis M.2
Xolo 910 - Device not recognised, ADB not running ..and despite everything ( latest drivers, usb debugging, android SDK ) device not recognised, the ADB would not start. Came across this post - http://ronubo.blogspot.in/2012/08/enabling-adb-in-intel-medfield-phone.html Would someone please help me in understand the  steps involved? Thanks in advance! Charis
Android OS on X86 - "Andy OS"
By Eyal F.2
We are developing an Android OS that runs on Windows and Mac. to control the Android OS (Andy) we have also created a Controller app (iOS and Android) that sends all the sensors data from the device to the laptop. (Gyro, Touch, Accelerometer, GPS ...)  and also performed streaming from the host machine to the device. this have opened up a large catalog of apps that can be enjoyed on a user's PC (win/Mac). to enable the usage of large number of applications we integrated the libhoudini library to allow ARM compiled applications to execute on x86. (we are sure that in the future more developers would use Intel NDK and this will be less of a problem)  unfortunately we are experiencing many App crashes from the log files we see that most of it relate to crashes in the houdini library. we are looking for support and some joint efforts to first maybe get the houdini library licensed, or work together to find what is it that causes the crashes. we are based in San Francisco, and are w...
Intel x86 HAXM problem on Windows 8.1 Pro
By Noor5
I'm using windows 8.1 Pro. I am trying to install Intel x86 HAXM but it says that Virtualization is not enabled while I have already enable it.  I used it Windows 7. I works in Windows 7. But Problem in Windows 8.1


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