MCA Platform Driver versus MCA SDK

MCA Platform Driver versus MCA SDK

I have heard references to both the MCA Platform Driver and MCA SDK. What is the difference?

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The MCA Platform Driver is a hardware specific version of the Mobile Clinical Assistant. For example, today there is an MCA Platform Driver for the Motion Computing C5 tablet that integrates all the MCA functionality to the specific hardware (camera, barcode, RFID) used on the Motion C5 tablet. The MCA Platform driver is given directly to the hardware vendor (like Motion Computing) for them to integrate into their system build. The Platform Driver will not run on other hardware without modifications.

The MCA SDK is a software development platform that will run on any Windows XP based PC. The MCA SDK uses loopbacks for hardware device functionality such as the RFID and barcode readers instead of actual hardware. This allows developers to use the SDK to build their application without the need of having the specific hardware.

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