SIGCSE2012 Workshop 23 Parallelism and Concurrency for Data-Structures & Algorithms courses

This workshop is inspired by Dan Grossman’s SIGCSE 2011 workshop on Data Abstractions. We review C/C++ conversions of the original Java-based materials and will include material from the Parallel Algorithms course at Kent State. The workshop will appeal to data-structure and algorithms course instructors. Workshop topics will include divide and conquer approaches, work sharing concepts, and a scoped locking scheme in OpenMP for C++ classes. This material is driven via core data-structure examples (queues, sorting, reductions, etc.) and using a Fork/Join Framework found in OpenMP and Intel® Cilk Plus and Intel® Threading Building Blocks. Participants will write parallel programs and test them on the Intel® Many-core Testing Lab. Laptop Required. Note: laptop is required. ACM Categories & Descriptors: D.1.3 Concurrent Programming, E.1 DATA STRUCTURES, F.2 ANALYSIS OF ALGORITHMS AND PROBLEM COMPLEXITY General Terms: Algorithms Keywords: Data Structures, Algorithms, C++, OpenMP, Intel® Cilk Plus, Intel® Threading Building Blocks

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