Compilation Phases

The Intel® C++ Compiler processes C and C++ language source files. Compilation can be divided into these major phases:

  • Preprocessing

  • Semantic parsing

  • Optimization

  • Code generation

  • Linking

The first four phases are performed by the compiler:


# Linux*

icc -qnextgen

 or icpc -qnextgen
# Windows*
icl -Qnextgen

If you specify the c option at compilation time, the compiler will generate only object files. You will need to explicitly invoke linker in order to generate the executable.

If you are compiling for a 32-bit target, you may either set the environment variable, INTEL_TARGET_ARCH_IA32, or use the [Q]m32 option. If you used the c option you will need to pass the [Q]m32 option to the linker as well.

If you specify the E and P options when calling the compiler, the compiler will only generate the preprocessed file with an .i extension.

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