_mm_sincos_ps, _mm256_sincos_ps

Calculates the sine and cosine values. Vector variant of sincos(x, &sin_x, &cos_x) function for a 128-bit/256-bit vector with float32 values.


extern __m128 _mm_sincos_ps(__m128 *p_cos, __m128 v1);

extern __m256 _mm256_sincos_ps(__m256 *p_cos, __m256 v1);



points to vector of cosine results (pointer must be aligned on 16 bytes, or declared as __m128* instead)


vector with float32 values


Calculates sine and cosine values of vector v1 elements.

The cosine and sine values cannot be returned in the result vector. Therefore, the intrinsic stores the cosine values at a location pointed to byp_cos, and returns only the sine values in the 128-bit result vector.


128-bit/256-bit vector with the sine results.


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