Computes the average of unsigned 8/16-bit integer data elements of two vectors. The corresponding Intel® AVX2 instruction is VPAVGB or VPAVGW.


extern __m256i _mm256_avg_epu8(__m256i s1, __m256i s2);

extern __m256i _mm256_avg_epu16(__m256i s1, __m256i s2);



integer source vector used for the operation


integer source vector used for the operation


Performs a SIMD average of the packed unsigned integers from source vector s2 and source vector s1 and stores the results in the destination vector. For each corresponding pair of data elements in the first and second vectors, the elements are added together, a 1 is added to the temporary sum, and that result is shifted right by one bit position.


Result of the operation.

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