_mm256_maskload_ps, _mm_maskload_ps

Loads packed single-precision floating point values according to mask values. The corresponding Intel® AVX instruction is VMASKMOVPS.


extern __m256 _mm256_maskload_ps(float const *a, __m256i mask);

extern __m128 _mm_maskload_ps(float const *a, __m128i mask);



pointer to a 256/128-bit memory location that can hold constant float32 values


integer value calculated based on the most-significant-bit of each doubleword of a mask register


Loads packed single-precision floating point (float32) values from the 256/128-bit memory location pointed to by a, into a destination register using the mask value.

The mask is calculated from the most significant bit of each dword of the mask register. If any of the bits of the mask is set to zero, the corresponding value from the memory location is not loaded, and the corresponding field of the destination vector is set to zero.


A 256/128-bit register with float32 values.

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