Permutes doubleword elements of the source vector into the destination vector. The corresponding Intel® AVX2 instruction is VPERMD.


extern __m256i _mm256_permutevar8x32_epi32(__m256i val, __m256i offsets);



the vector of 32-bit integer elements to be permuted


the vector of eight 3-bit offsets (specifying values in range [0 - 7]) for the permuted elements of 256-bit vector


Use the offset values in each dword element of the vector offsets to select a dword element from the source vector val. The result element is copied to the corresponding element of destination vector. The intrinsic does NOT allow to copy the same element of the source vector to more than one element of the destination vector.

Below is the pseudo-code for the intrinsic:

RESULT[31:0] <- (VAL[255:0] >> (OFFSETS[2:0] * 32))[31:0];
RESULT[63:32] <- (VAL[255:0] >> (OFFSETS[34:32] * 32))[31:0];
RESULT[95:64] <- (VAL[255:0] >> (OFFSETS[66:64] * 32))[31:0];
RESULT[127:96] <- (VAL[255:0] >> (OFFSETS[98:96] * 32))[31:0];
RESULT[159:128] <- (VAL[255:0] >> (OFFSETS[130:128] * 32))[31:0];
RESULT[191:160] <- (VAL[255:0] >> (OFFSETS[162:160] * 32))[31:0];
RESULT[223:192] <- (VAL[255:0] >> (OFFSETS[194:192] * 32))[31:0];
RESULT[255:224] <- (VAL[255:0] >> (OFFSETS[226:224] * 32))[31:0];


Result of the permute operation.

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