Arithmetic shift of word/doubleword elements to right according to specified number. The corresponding Intel® AVX2 instruction is VPSRAW, or VPSRAD.


extern __m256i _mm256_sra_epi16(__m256i s1, __m128i count);

extern __m256i _mm256_sra_epi32(__m256i s1, __m128i count);



integer source vector used for the operation


128-bit memory location used for the operation


Performs an arithmetic shift of bits in the individual data elements (16-bit word or 32-bit doubleword) in the first source vector s1 to the right by the number of bits specified in count. The empty high-order bits are filled with the initial value of the sign bit. If the value specified by count is greater than 15/31/63 (depending on the intrinsic being used), the destination vector is filled with the initial value of the sign bit.

The count argument is a 128-bit memory location. Note that only the first 64-bits of a 128-bit count operand are checked to compute the count.


Result of the right-shift operation.

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