Generates uniform random bits over the a specified range


uint32_t svrng_generate_uint( svrng_engine_t engine )

svrng_uint1_t svrng_generate1_uint( svrng_engine_t engine )

svrng_uint2_t svrng_generate2_uint( svrng_engine_t engine )

svrng_uint4_t svrng_generate4_uint( svrng_engine_t engine )

svrng_uint8_t svrng_generate8_uint( svrng_engine_t engine )

svrng_uint16_t svrng_generate16_uint( svrng_engine_t engine )

svrng_uint32_t svrng_generate32_uint( svrng_engine_t engine )

uint64_t svrng_generate_ulong( svrng_engine_t engine )

svrng_ulong1_t svrng_generate1_ulong( svrng_engine_t engine )

svrng_ulong2_t svrng_generate2_ulong( svrng_engine_t engine )

svrng_ulong4_t svrng_generate4_ulong( svrng_engine_t engine )

svrng_ulong8_t svrng_generate8_ulong( svrng_engine_t engine )

svrng_ulong16_t svrng_generate16_ulong( svrng_engine_t engine )

svrng_ulong32_t svrng_generate32_ulong( svrng_engine_t engine )

Input Parameters


Pointer to the engine.


The svrng_generate[n]_[uint|ulong] functions generate uniform random bits over the range [0, MAX) with engine-dependent maximum value. The uint versions are available for 32-bit engines only ( rand0, rand, mcg31m1, mt19937 ), the ulong versions are available for 64-bit engines only ( mcg59 ). The number n if specified expresses the number of packed unsigned integer elements in returned SIMD registers.

Status flags set




Unmatched engine and result type. See the Description section for supported combinations.


Bad engine (NULL pointer)

Return Values

Unsigned integer random value(s). The svrng_generate_[uint|ulong] functions return a single unsigned 32- or 64-bit integer random value. The svrng_generate[n]_[uint|ulong] functions, for n=1, 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 return as many unsigned, 32- or 64-bit integer random values packed in a SIMD register.

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