Using Cheat Sheets

The following topic applies to Eclipse* for C/C++.

The Intel® C++ Compiler integration includes several Eclipse* cheat sheets that can guide you through various compilation and debugging tasks.

To view a list of available cheat sheets and select one:

  1. Select Help > Cheat Sheets.
    The Cheat Sheet Selection dialog box opens, displaying a list of available cheat sheets.
  2. Select a cheat sheet. Cheat sheets located outside of the Eclipse* integration can be entered in the Select a cheat sheet from a file or Enter the URL of a cheat sheet.
    Intel cheat sheets are located under Intel® C++ Compiler. A description of the cheat sheet appears in the lower pane.
  3. To open a cheat sheet, click OK.

The Cheat Sheets view opens in the Eclipse* window.

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