Figure 1 presents a simplified diagram of the flow described in this tutorial.

Figure 1: Interoperability tutorial data flaw example.

The tutorial uses Intel® Media Server Studio plugins approach to embed custom data processing in Intel® Media Server Studio data flow. Intel® Media Server Studio samples package provides several examples of such plugins implementation. Image rotation plugin for CPU and GPU (OpenCL) is an example of this implementation. Intel CV SDK and Intel Media Server Studio interoperability tutorial uses the same approach. The simple OpenVX graph performing “Hello World!” style processing introduced in Intel® Media Server Studio data encoding or transcoding pipelines. The whole pipeline can contain decoding and encoding, like in the transcoding sample, as well as raw NV12 data input from a camera of file with further OpenVX processing. The result is encoded in case of using encoder sample scenario.

Original decoding and transcoding samples are available as the part of Intel® Media Server Studio sample package. This tutorial produces a new plugin for these samples. The new OpenVX graph processing plugin can be easily added in both samples side by side with already existing (e.g. rotate) plugin examples.

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