/* file: df_cls_dense_batch.cpp */
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!  Content:
!    C++ example of decision forest classification in the batch processing mode.
!    The program trains the decision forest classification model on a training
!    datasetFileName and computes classification for the test data.

#include "daal.h"
#include "service.h"

using namespace std;
using namespace daal;
using namespace daal::algorithms;
using namespace daal::algorithms::decision_forest::classification;

/* Input data set parameters */
const string trainDatasetFileName = "../data/batch/df_classification_train.csv";
const string testDatasetFileName  = "../data/batch/df_classification_test.csv";
const size_t categoricalFeaturesIndices[] = { 2 };
const size_t nFeatures  = 3;  /* Number of features in training and testing data sets */

/* Decision forest parameters */
const size_t nTrees = 10;
const size_t minObservationsInLeafNode = 8;

const size_t nClasses = 5;  /* Number of classes */

training::ResultPtr trainModel();
void testModel(const training::ResultPtr& res);
void loadData(const std::string& fileName, NumericTablePtr& pData, NumericTablePtr& pDependentVar);

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    checkArguments(argc, argv, 2, &trainDatasetFileName, &testDatasetFileName);

    training::ResultPtr trainingResult = trainModel();

    return 0;

training::ResultPtr trainModel()
    /* Create Numeric Tables for training data and dependent variables */
    NumericTablePtr trainData;
    NumericTablePtr trainDependentVariable;

    loadData(trainDatasetFileName, trainData, trainDependentVariable);

    /* Create an algorithm object to train the decision forest classification model */
    training::Batch<> algorithm(nClasses);

    /* Pass a training data set and dependent values to the algorithm */
    algorithm.input.set(classifier::training::data, trainData);
    algorithm.input.set(classifier::training::labels, trainDependentVariable);

    algorithm.parameter.nTrees = nTrees;
    algorithm.parameter.featuresPerNode = nFeatures;
    algorithm.parameter.minObservationsInLeafNode = minObservationsInLeafNode;
    algorithm.parameter.varImportance = algorithms::decision_forest::training::MDI;
    algorithm.parameter.resultsToCompute = algorithms::decision_forest::training::computeOutOfBagError;

    /* Build the decision forest classification model */

    /* Retrieve the algorithm results */
    training::ResultPtr trainingResult = algorithm.getResult();
    printNumericTable(trainingResult->get(training::variableImportance), "Variable importance results: ");
    printNumericTable(trainingResult->get(training::outOfBagError), "OOB error: ");
    return trainingResult;

void testModel(const training::ResultPtr& trainingResult)
    /* Create Numeric Tables for testing data and ground truth values */
    NumericTablePtr testData;
    NumericTablePtr testGroundTruth;

    loadData(testDatasetFileName, testData, testGroundTruth);

    /* Create an algorithm object to predict values of decision forest classification */
    prediction::Batch<> algorithm(nClasses);

    /* Pass a testing data set and the trained model to the algorithm */
    algorithm.input.set(classifier::prediction::data, testData);
    algorithm.input.set(classifier::prediction::model, trainingResult->get(classifier::training::model));

    /* Predict values of decision forest classification */

    /* Retrieve the algorithm results */
    classifier::prediction::ResultPtr predictionResult = algorithm.getResult();
        "Decision forest prediction results (first 10 rows):", 10);
    printNumericTable(testGroundTruth, "Ground truth (first 10 rows):", 10);

void loadData(const std::string& fileName, NumericTablePtr& pData, NumericTablePtr& pDependentVar)
    /* Initialize FileDataSource<CSVFeatureManager> to retrieve the input data from a .csv file */
    FileDataSource<CSVFeatureManager> trainDataSource(fileName,

    /* Create Numeric Tables for training data and dependent variables */
    pData.reset(new HomogenNumericTable<>(nFeatures, 0, NumericTable::notAllocate));
    pDependentVar.reset(new HomogenNumericTable<>(1, 0, NumericTable::notAllocate));
    NumericTablePtr mergedData(new MergedNumericTable(pData, pDependentVar));

    /* Retrieve the data from input file */

    NumericTableDictionaryPtr pDictionary = pData->getDictionarySharedPtr();
    for(size_t i = 0, n = sizeof(categoricalFeaturesIndices) / sizeof(categoricalFeaturesIndices[0]); i < n; ++i)
        (*pDictionary)[categoricalFeaturesIndices[i]].featureType = data_feature_utils::DAAL_CATEGORICAL;
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