Working with sensors in the Intel® System Studio

You can view a list of sensors supported in the UPM* sensor library, access relevant documentation on each sensor, and quickly add a sensor to your selected project. For steps, see the appropriate section below:

Viewing supported sensors

  1. Choose Window > Show View > Other.

  2. Expand the Other category, then select Sensor Support and click OK. The Sensor Support tab displays.

The supported sensors are displayed in categories, such as Analog Inputs or Displays. You can expand a category to see the list of supported libraries in the category and you can expand the library to see the sensors under that library. You can also type a search term in the type filter text field to search for a specific sensor. Sensors included in your project appear with a grey remove icon . Sensors that can be added appear with a green add icon .

Information on each sensor includes a description and connection type, such as I2C or SPI, as well as a detailed description and some links which do the following:

  • API and Samples: Link to the UPM documentation for the sensor
  • Vendor/Manufacturer: Manufacturer’s webpage for the sensor
  • UPM Sensor Page: Link to the sensor page on the UPM website

If available, links to API and sample information for the sensor are available in the Description section.

Adding a sensor to your source file

You can add a sensor to your project. Note that the sensor is added to the selected project only, not to every project in the Project Explorer.

  1. In the Project Explorer, click the name of the project to select it. The word [selected] is displayed next to the project name.
  2. On the Sensor Support tab, navigate to the sensor and select the green add icon next to its name. This sets all the options you need to use the sensor in your project, such as the linker flag.

  3. A message displays informing you that Intel System Studio will add the headers and libraries for the sensor to the project source file.

    Once you click OK or close the box, imports will be added to the source file.

    Maven dependencies are added to the project properties.

Remove a sensor from your project

  1. On the Sensor Support tab, navigate to the sensor and select the remove icon next to its name.

  2. A message displays informing you that the sensor, header, and associated libraries will be removed. Click OK to remove the sensor from your project.


    If the library associated with the sensor you are removing is also associated with another sensor in your project, the library will not be removed unless all associated sensors are removed.

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