Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 23, November 2015

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  • Letter from the Editor, by James Reinders
    Computers “Think” More Like Humans, but They Still Need Us
  • Which Tool Do I Use? A Roadmap to Increasing Your Application’s Performance
    By using the correct tool at each phase of your performance tuning, you can greatly increase performance at lower cost.
  • Modernizing Code for Tomorrow’s HPC Problem-Solving
    Tips on code modernization, or increasing parallel programming, that have proven valuable for dedicated HPC software developers, domain specialists, and data scientists alike.
  • Get a Helping Hand from the Vectorization Advisor
    With Vectorization Advisor recommendations, the Hartree Centre was able to get an 18 percent speedup in their code
  • Optimizing Image Processing
    As China’s largest online direct sales company, handles several billion product images every day. By using Intel® software development tools, sped up its image processing 17x—handling 300,000 images in 162 seconds.
  • Boosting Speech Recognition Performance
    Qihoo360 Technology Co., Ltd., a Chinese Internet security company, collaborated with Intel to optimize its Euler* platform, which supports machine learning-related computation models for real businesses.
  • How Fortran Developers Can Boost Productivity with Submodules
    Submodules are now supported in Intel® Fortran Compiler Version 16.0.

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