Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 28, April 2017

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  • Letter from the Editor: Parallel Languages, Language Extensions, and Application Frameworks, by Henry A. Gabb
    Henry A. Gabb is a long-time high-performance and parallel computing practitioner and has published numerous articles on parallel programming.
  • Parallel STL: Boosting Performance of C++ STL Code, by Vladimir Polin and Mikhail Dvorskiy
    C++ and the evolution toward natively parallel languages.
  • Happy 20th Birthday, OpenMP*, by Rob Farber
    Making parallel programming accessible to C/C++ and Fortran programmers—and providing a software path to exascale computation.
  • Solving Real-World Machine Learning Problems with Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library, by Oleg Kremnyov, Ivan Kuzmin, and Gennady Fedorov
    Models are put to the test in Kaggle* competitions.
  • HPC with R*: The Basics, by Drew Schmidt
    Satisfying the need for speed in data analytics,
  • BigDL: Optimized Deep Learning on Apache Spark*, by Jason Dai and Radhika Rangarajan
    Making deep learning more accessible,

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