Use energy analysis to collect metrics that can be used to identify system behaviors that waste energy. There are three main workflows to choose from for power analysis:

  • Run remote collection on a Linux* or Android* target system and visualize results using a Linux or Windows* host systems with the energy analysis Eclipse* plug-in available with Intel® System Studio.

  • Run a collection directly on a Windows, Linux, or Android target system using the Intel® SoC Watch command line tool and then view a CSV-formatted summary report to learn if energy consumption problems exist and what is contributing to them.

  • Run a collection and then import the results to Intel® VTune™ Amplifier for visualization using its standard filter and zoom capabilities for a detailed inspection of energy consumption behavior over time.

The energy analysis Eclipse plug-in, Intel VTune Amplifier, and Intel SoC Watch are available as part of Intel System Studio.

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