Compiler, Architecture and Tools Conference (CATC) 2014

Cuándo: 1 de dic. de 2014
Dónde: Haifa, Israel
Tipo: Conference


The main focus of this conference is the interaction of compiler technologies, processor and computing architectures and tools to address the latest programming environments and demands. The topics of interest for this conference include, but are not limited to:

  • Compilers, runtime and tools for modern server, client, mobile and embedded systems
  • Compiler/hardware support for hiding memory and I/O latencies
  • Compilation to hardware
  • Dynamic translation and optimization
  • Heterogeneous parallel architectures and computational models
  • GPU, accelerator and coprocessor architectures
  • Power/Performance/Monitoring tools for application behavior understanding
  • Parallel programming languages, algorithms and applications
  • Internet of Things

Invited Speakers

We are delighted to host Prof. James Larus from EPFL and Intel Fellow Ofri Wechsler as our keynote speakers.


08:50 Welcome
09:00 Keynote: It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
Prof. James Larus
EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), Switzerland
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10:00 Break
Session 1: Industrial Track
10:20 “Kaveri” and the HSA Advantage
Yaki Tebeka, AMD Fellow
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10:45 Intel® VTune™ Amplifier: Profiling Heterogeneous Applications on Client and Mobile Platforms
Julia Fedorova, Svetlana Kukanova, Alexandr Kurylev, Vitaly Slobodskoy
Intel, Russia
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11:10 Virtual Remote I/O (vRIO)
Joel Nider
IBM, Israel
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11:35 State of the Art Architectures for Machine Vision Tasks: from Tango to SceneNet
Chen Sagiv and Eri Rubin
SagivTech, Israel
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12:00 Break
Session 2: Languages and Optimization
12:20 EFL: An Embedded Language for Safe and Efficient Parallel Execution
Moshe Goldstein, David Dayan, Raphael B. Yehezkael and Miroslav Popovic
Jerusalem College of Technology and University of NoviSad, Serbia
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12:45 A Study on Conflicting Pairs of Compiler Optimizations
Yosi Ben-Asher, Gadi Haber and Yousef Shajrawi
University of Haifa and Intel, Israel
13:10 Lunch
14:10 Keynote: Architectural Solutions in HW and SW for Computer Vision
Ofri Wechsler
Intel Fellow, Israel
15:10 Break
Session 3: Parallelism
15:30 O-Structures: Semantics for Versioned Memory
Eran Gilad, Eric Mackay, Mark Oskin, Yoav Etsion
Technion and University of Washington, USA
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15:55 Work Stealing as a Service
Georgios Varisteas and Mats Brorsson
KTH, Sweden
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16:20 DVMH – a Directive-Based Programming Model for Clusters with Accelerators
Vladimir Bakhtin, Alexander Kolganov, Viktor Krukov, Nataliya Podderyugina and Mikhail Pritula
Russian Academy of Sciences
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16:45 Break
Session 4: Dynamic Compilation
17:00 Dynamic Binary Analysis and Optimization: a Platform and Use Case
Emmanuel Riou and Erven Rohou
INRIA, France
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17:25 Grover: Looking for Performance Improvement by Disabling Local Memory Usage in OpenCL Kernels
Jianbin Fang, Ana Lucia Varbanescu and Henk Sips
TU Delft and University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
17:50 A Unified Approach for the Dynamic Neutralization of Vulnerabilities in Machine Codes on an Example of Timing Channel Elimination
Kirill Kononenko
TU Darmstadt, Germany
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18:15 Closing