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What is the Intel® Software Manager?

Intel® Software Manager is a utility that allows users to:

  • Download and install updates for your Intel® Software Development Products.
  • Manage the subscription status of installed software.
  • Activate serial numbers.
  • Find out about the latest news for Intel Software Development Products.

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How do I manage my licenses?
  1. Log in to the Intel® Registration Center by entering your login ID and password in the Sign In section of the web page. You will see a list of all products to which you have subscribed.
  2. For each product, you will see the product name, component names,a link to the latest version available for download and posted date of the version available for download. [NOTE: Expired registrations are shown only if you check the Show Expired Registrations check box at the top of the page.]
  3. Click on the product of interest. This will display the product subscription history showing the serial number, support status, license expiration date including links to manage the license information and renew your subscriptions. The license expiration date should let you know if a renewal is needed or not.
  4. Click the Renewal link in the Purchase column. This will bring up a product list page containing detailed information on support renewal prices, including information on resellers from whom you can extend your commercial, academic, or enabling licenses.
  5. If you want to resend the license file at this point to your email account, go back to the previous page by clicking the browser back arrow. Now, click the "Manage" link under the licenses column and you will be provided with a license file information page. Next, click the "Resend license file to my e-mail" at the bottom of the page. You will receive an e-mail with the license file as an attachment within a short time.
I have a "named user license" or "single user license". Can I install the product on different machines?

Yes, you can. A named user license (single user license) allows the license owner to install the product on multiple systems; however, only ONE copy of the software may be in use at any one time.

Please see the End User License Agreement.

Where do I submit download, registration, or licensing issues?

Please submit your issues using Intel® Premier Support against the product with which you are experiencing the problem. (Please see Intel Premier Support FAQ.) When submitting a problem against the product, you must select Download, Licensing or Registration in “Category 1”. This sends the submitted issue to the download, registration, and licensing team.

Please note that the pseudo-product “Download, Licensing, and Registration” is no longer available and you should just submit against the product with which you are experiencing the problem.

You can also submit your issues to the Download, Licensing, and Registration forum.

I'm getting an error: "Failed to enable trusted storage check for licensing." What do I do?

Root cause:

  • On Windows*: Service “FLEXnet Licensing Service 64” cannot be installed by non-administrator users on Windows 7.
  • On Linux* : The library path is not set.

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What are the differences between evaluation, non-commercial, and release compilers?

Evaluation versions of Intel® compilers available from the Intel® Evaluation Software Center are identical to release compilers of the same version. Similarly, Intel compilers available as Non-commercial Linux* downloads are identical to release compilers of the same version.

Up-to-date Intel compilers are available from the Intel Registration Center under the product Downloads column and may be used with any non-expired commercial, academic, evaluation, or non-commercial license.

The product Downloads column is available on the default view appearing after logging in to the Intel Registration Center using your Intel Premier Support account id and password, or by selecting Show All My Products when logged in. If you forgot your login id or password, please select either the Forgot Login ID? or Forgot Password? link appearing next to the Sign In button on the initial Intel Registration Center web page.

I'm getting an error: The license file provided is invalid

You may see this error while installing Intel Software Development Products with a license file. There are a few things you need to check.

  1. The license file may be corrupted. Please log in to the Intel Registration Center and resend the license file to your email. Modifying a license file arbitrarily may invalidate it.
  2. Check the license and its support expiration date in the Intel Registration Center. Make sure the product you are installing is covered by the license and that the build date of the product is earlier than the support expiration date of the license you own. Read More
  3. If your license is a floating license, you need to have Intel® License Manager for FLEXlm* Servers set up properly. Update your license file with the host name and host ID of your license server(s) in the Intel Registration Center. Then send the updated license file from the Intel Registration Center and install your Intel Software Development Products with it. For more details, please refer to Intel® FLEXlm* License Manager FAQ.
How do other developers get a support account under a floating license?

A floating license allows more than one developer to use the product at one time, and also allows more than one developer to register for Intel Premier Support.

One restriction does apply: all developers who want to register for Intel Premier Support need to have an email address with the same domain name.

To register, go to Intel Registration Center.

After registration, you can file questions or bug reports at Intel Premier Support.

Invalid license file: How do I resend the license file to my email?
When you register a product with the Intel Registration Center, you should receive a license file automatically at the email address associated with the registering account. If you did not receive this email or you cannot find your license file, please try the following options to obtain a new license file: Read More
How do I transfer licenses to another user?

If you have an Intel Premier Support account, you can submit a request against your product using the Download, Licensing, and Registration category. The support team will help you there.

You can also submit your request to Intel Software Development Products Download, Registration, and Licensing forum. Please do not disclose your serial number or other personal information unless you submit a private post. To get the necessary information from you and keep your personal information confidential, the support engineer will ensure your thread is private.

How do I find my Intel software license(s) on my system?

The default license folder for Intel Software Development Products is as follows:

  • On Windows*: <installation drive>\Program Files\Common Files\Intel\Licenses
  • On Linux*: /opt/intel/licenses
  • On OS X*: /Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/Intel/Licenses
How do I manually install my new license?

Place the license file "*.lic" in the following directory, making sure not to change the license file name:

  • On Windows*:
    <installation drive>\Program Files\Common Files\Intel\Licenses
    e.g., "c:\Program Files\Common Files\Intel\Licenses"
    Note: if the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE environment variable is defined, copy the file to the directory specified by the environment variable instead.
  • On Linux*: /opt/intel/licenses
  • On OS X*: /Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/Intel/Licenses
How do I apply a renewal license to the correct current license?

I purchased a renewal license. However, the renewal license support was still expired after I registered the renewal. Why?

The renewal license takes effect from the support expiration date of the original license that was renewed by the new license and extends support for one year. The support expiration date of the original license may have expired more than one year ago, so the renewal license support already expired after you registered it. The renewal license support expiration date is irrelevant to its registration date.

Before you register your new renewal license, please make sure you have obtained all the following information:

  1. You have purchased the right renewal license.
  2. Know which of your current product(s) your renewal license applies to.
  3. Support expiration dates for all your current licenses.
  4. Exact product name of all your current licenses.
  5. The latest current license (support expiration date is not more than one year from when you register renewal matching to your renewal).

Once you have all the information above, please register your renewal serial number through the Intel Registration Center and select the current license that you want to upgrade with this renewal license. You will then extend your current license support and you will be able to upgrade your product to the newest version after the registration.

When is a floating license seat checked out and checked in?

For an Intel compiler product, the license is checked out (allocated) at the very beginning when the compiler or debugger is started, and returned when the compiler or debugger work is *done*.

NOTE: For performance libraries (Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives, Intel® Threading Building Blocks, and Intel® Math Kernel Library), and other Intel® Software Development Products, license checkout is only done during product installation.

All compiler floating license seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis for checkout by any number of compiler products installed on client systems that have been configured to check out floating license seats from the license host server system.

However, if all license seats are allocated for the requested compiler product, additional users need to wait for one of the client systems to release a floating license seat. This is automatically done in our compiler and debugger products, and means that some users may experience some compiling delay. The wait time for a compiler license seat is "forever", until a license seat is available. The wait time is not configurable by the end user.

Users may configure their license server to make some features "linger" for a period of time so that the license will be "reserved" during this period after the license is returned by the compiler. No linger time is set by default, so the compiler license seat is usually returned immediately.

Steps to determine how many floating license seats are checked out

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