About video HW Codec support.

About video HW Codec support.


I have some questions about HW Codec support. Please for free the 

For WebRTC Client SDK for JavaScript:

 * Does this SDK can support VP8 HW accelerate Codec? 

For WebRTC Client SDK for Android:

 * Does this SDK can support VP8 and H.264 HW accelerate Codec?

For WebRTC Conference Server:

 * Dose Intel Media SDK support VP8 HW encoder at the moment?

Appreciate for any reply.



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Hi Arron,

The answer to all of your questions is yes.  Pls find the feature list in our website https://software.intel.com/webrtc



Hi Arron,

One correction, the Intel Media SDK only supports H.264 HW encoder.



Hi Elmer,

Many thanks for your reply. We would like to double confirm -   

If we install Intel-Media-SDK with Intel Iris Pro graphics card, it still NOT support VP8 HW accelerate Codec. Right?


Do you have any plan to support VP8 Codec in the future?

Will the Intel Broadwell graphics with next generation Intel-Media-SDK support VP8 Codec?


Many thanks,


Hi Rick,

That's correct, it still would not support VP8 since the Intel CS for WebRTC depends on what's provided in the Intel Media SDK - we rely on their supported features.  I would suggest posting specific questions on features of the Intel Media SDK in their forum since their support folks should have more details -




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