Example/Sample Packages

Example/Sample Packages

Have any Example/Sample packages been created to be used as a starting point?  I'm especially interested in the multipoint and transcoding capabilities.

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We provide a sample application based on the MCU, see Section 4 in the Conference Server User Guide.



Hi Elmera,

We try to verify the Confernece Server capability. Now, we can work fine on forward mode, but we get the abnormal video from MCU on mix mode. Our server's CPU is core i5 with HD Graphics P4600. Do you test MCU mix mode on this CPU? Or it is just work fine with Intel Iris Pro graphics.  Could you give us how to debug this issue. Thanks a lot!!

On the other hand, Is it possible SIP client (such as Jitsi) can join MCU mix room. For example, 3 webRTC clients and 1 SIP client join the same mix room on Intel Conference Server MCU platform. Each client will send video to MCU and receiver mixed video from MCU. Could you have any idea or sample code to do that. Thanks a lot!



Hi Arron,

For the MCU mix mode, it now requires the installation of Intel Media SDK 2014 R2. Have you got that installed on your server? But still, can you give us more details on the abnormal video thing, so that we can dig deeper? Thanks.

For the SIP integration, we provide a SIPGateway package in v1.0. But MCU does not have the feature of SIP integration currently.

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