Intel DAAL Code Samples

Intel DAAL Code Samples

Some users were asking for code samples of using Intel DAAL. Many examples of using DAAL API, as well as examples of using DAAL in Hadoop* and Spark* environment can be found in the installation location (after you install DAAL). To make it more accessible, we've extracted a few code samples and publish them here. Users can download them from the attachments and browse the code without having to install DAAL first. This is a great way to have a peek at DAAL API and understand how it works.

Included here are three code samples:

  • Principle Component Analysis (PCA) - This C++ code illustrate the basic usage of DAAL API.
  • Apache Spark* example - This Java code shows how to interact with Spark* RDD (Resilient Distributed Datasets).
  • Apache Hadoop* example - This Java code shows how to use DAAL functions with Hadoop MapReduce and how to interact with HDFS.

Please let us know your feedback in the comments. 

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