Fortran compiler in docker image

Fortran compiler in docker image

Is it possible to have a version of the ifort compiler inside a docker image which then hosted on Docker Hub? 

Would there be any issues with having the compiler on Docker Hub (public) even if no license was in the image?

Does this require a special license?

This would specifically be for Docker images with ubuntu and other linux derivations.

Kind regards,


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Hi Tom,

This is being discussed internally.  The current licensing mechanism is not friendly to Docker containers.

I will post an update, once I know more information.

Thank you,



Eugene Epshteyn


If anyone else would like to have this capability, please reply to this thread.  It'll help us to gauge the demand.

Thank you,



Eugene Epshteyn

My research group would very much like this too

We haven't heard back.  Is there any progress on this?

In our use case, I was not planning on installing the intel compiler in the Docker container, but rather do a virtual mount of the directory into the docker container (i.e. docker -v /opt/intel:/opt/intel ...), but the license that is valid on the host does not seem to be valid in the Docker container.

Do you have any advise on this?  Is this approach possible?  I would like to use the license of the host operating system where this container is running.

This is for an academic research project comparing GCC, Clang and Intel for performance and computational reproducibility.

We are still interested in this ... likely a MSVS and Intel container. As part of a continuous integration server i.e. Jenkins

Hi Eugene,

Has there been any progress made on this? It has been over 8 months since my first post!

We are really in need of this!

Kind regards,


We are also strongly interested in this as well! 

Please support this as soon as possible.

Hi All,

Does anyone have done distributed intel libraries inside a different docker containers ?

We are planning to create very less size of docker image. If i do full installation of intel then the size of image is becoming too big. So, to reduce image size we need help to understand is it possible to setup intel libraries in distributed mode 

If anyone have idea. Please share your inputs.



We are interested in having docker images of the intel toolchain available.

Our group and partners would also be very interested in this.

We are also very much interested in this. Also just having Linux runtime in Docker would be great.

Are there any updates on this? We’d like to be able to compile fortran code in a container as well. 

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