Xcode 10 - known compatibility issue

Xcode 10 - known compatibility issue

Hello all, and hopefully at least one expert, I have been banging my head against the wall trying to get the fortran compiler Xcode integration working. Update 3 supposedly supported Mojave and Xcode 10, yet after an install (both admin and root, typical installation) Xcode will not compile my Fortran projects, throwing the typical warning: no rule to process file '/Users/steve/Xcode Projects/CEA_stand_alone/cea2.for' of type 'sourcecode.fortran' for architecture 'x86_64' (in target 'CEA_stand_alone') Has anyone tested this product?? I have tried two different development Macs with the exact same results. What do I need to do to get this working? I am at wit's end. I can see the Fortran Source File default build rules, and have even tried adding my own custom build rule to compile them. The directories for ifort all exist in command line, so I know it is installed, but Xcode integration seems totally broken.

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Did you try to compile code in the console/shell? What error message do you get there?

@Juergen R. - Yes, the terminal (console/shell) works just fine. The issue is in the IDE integration.

Steve, sorry, I never used an IDE, with that I cannot help.

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Please refer to this article for the solution https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/known-issue-compatibility-of-intel-compiler-190-for-macos-and-xcode-10

This issue is mentioned in Release Notes as well. 

Devorah - Intel® Developer Support

@Devorah Thank you so much! That fixed my issue.

Hello all, I have been using the Xcode to open a new Command Line Tool and adding a new compilation rule in the Build Rules tab. But I cannot find the option of the Intel® Fortran Compiler. I'm confused that whether I choose the wrong installation. So how can I open it coreectly?

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