HEVC interlaced encode issue

HEVC interlaced encode issue

Hi Support team,

I try to use 2018 R2_1 sample to encode interlaced HEVC content.

Whether using software or hardware, I meet different issue.

When using HW encode:

command: sample_encode.exe h265 -i input.yuv -o output.265 -tff -w 1920 -h 1080 -f 120 -b 4000  -p 6fadc791a0c2eb479ab6dcd5ea9da347

I find the encoded bitstream resolution is 1920x540 but SPI.YUI.field_seq_flag and pic_struct value still is 0.

When using SW encode:

command: sample_encode.exe h265 -i input.yuv -o output.265 -tff -w 1920 -h 1080 -f 120 -b 4000  -p 2fca99749fdb49aeb121a5b63ef568f7

The SPI.YUI.field_seq_flag and pic_struct value is correct ( =1) but the encoded bitstream resolution is 1920x270.

I put the encoded bitstream at attached file. Thanks for your help.



CPU: i7-8700@3.2GHz

GPU:UHD 630 (Driver:

Descargarapplication/x-7z-compressed test2_hw.7z1.71 MB
Descargarapplication/x-7z-compressed test2_sw.7z5.53 MB
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Hi Guan-Lin:

There are 2 arguments, tff and bff, did you try bff?

Could you might try the other encoder like H.264 and see how it behaves?

Please upload your YUV file if you want me to reproduce it.


Hi Mark,

Bff have the same result and H.264 looks fine.

Since YUV file is too big to upload, so I encode the YUV file to .264 file and upload. 
Please help to check. Thanks.


Best regards,



Descargarapplication/x-7z-compressed 264.7z8.15 MB

Hi Guan-Lin,

Unfortunately I can't take the encoded content for reproduce since I am really not sure if the decoded stream will have the same feature for reproducing the bug.

You can either upload YUV file to big file sharing like Google drive or tell me the exact FFmpeg command to decode your encoded stream.

Could you also tell how to check "SPI.YUI.field_seq_flag and pic_struct value" after I encode with sample_encode.exe?

Again I am apologized for extra time but I think this is more efficient to help you.


Hi Mark, 

I also can reproduce this issue with the Intel media SDK sample content. And I put the yuv sample content at attached file.

I use "Intel video pro analyzer 2016"  to check SPI.YUI.field_seq_flag and pic_struct value, and then put the screenshot image at attached file to point the flag position.

Thanks for your help.



Thanks so much,

Let me reproduce it and check, I will submit a bug if I confirm it.


Hi Mark,

Would you need any other information to reproduce?

If you need any information, please feel free to let me know.


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