Running TensorFlow on Intel Atom CPU

Running TensorFlow on Intel Atom CPU

I am interesting to know if there is any easy way to optimize TensorFlow performance on Intel Atom CPU w/o Nvidia GPU installed.

Can anybody suggest if Intel MKL library could be used to make this optimization efficient?  If yes, what should be the right path?

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I have moved this question over to our AI Nervana Academy Discussion Forum. 


Can I please know what you are trying to do?


you can use the installation steps given in this article

Hopefully I will help you. I am using the same version of Tensorflow. 

Please let know if you still need help on this

Assume no  additional help is required on this and hence marking this thread as closed. Feel free to start a new thread in case you have any questions.

MKL is downloaded automatically during configure. During bazel build pass --config=mkl to build with MKL support.

Do make sure you follow the performance recommendations on the blog to get the best performance.

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