New own hand pose / gesture recognition C++

New own hand pose / gesture recognition C++

Hi everyone,

I´m working with the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK and I my question is about the hand pose and gesture recognition (new ones, not the predefined ones). I know there are some related topics in this forum and I have read the manual, but I still haven´t understood clearly how to do it properly. Do I have to use the GeoNodes to track the fingers and use those data or is there a better way?

For example, if I would like my application to recognize a pose that is my hand with three finger extended, do I have to work with the data of the GeoNodes and compare distances or can I register new poses for using them as the predefined ones (lBIG_5, THUMB_UP...)?

Is there any tutorial about this? or do you know the proper steps I should follow for doing that?

PD: I´m using C++

Thanks for your help!

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You need have your own algorithm to detect your own gesture. 

Ok, and in that case, do you know some tips for a correct pose detection? Is there any explanation about how the sdk detects the predefined poses so that I can apply those steps in my own algorithm? I don´t know if the sdk looks for the distances between finger nodes, or the angles or if there is another solution.

Thanks for your help!

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