Build for Yocto in Intel System Studio 2018

Build for Yocto in Intel System Studio 2018


I'm trying to compile my project for Intel Edison (running Yocto) again on my new computer (MacBook pro - High Sierra). However without success so far. I've tried 2 different things based on this tutorial:

- first thing that is mentioned in that tutorial "As of the 2018 Beta release of the Intel® System Studio, the Intel System Studio IoT Edition has been merged. Going forward, use the Intel System Studio to create IoT projects". So I was able to install the new Intel System Studio 2018 on mac. However when I tried to create a new project, I can't choose for Yocto as target OS for building in a container. Can someone explain where to download and how to install the yocto docker image (as used for the Intel Edison) for intel System studio 2018?

- I've also tried to install the former Intel system studio Iot Edition, which I was able to use successfully in the past on my previous computer. However during installation I've got a warning my operation system (OSX 10.13 - High Sierra) is not supported and while trying to open the program via the, eclipse freezes and crashes during the startup. 

=> How can still use and program my Intel Edison? (I know the Edison product has been discontinued, but I really hope I can still use my bought boards!!)


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Since I was not able to somehow use Intel System Studio on my macbook to compile Intel Edison projects. I figured out an alternative:

I made a generic makeFile with rules to compile a c/c++ project in the same yocto docker container as provided by intel. This way I could use another IDE to develop and compile my edison project. I used VSCode, but it could work with any text editor or IDE, like Sublime, Vim, Atom, etc. Also the debugger works to remotely debug the project on the Intel Edison.

You can find the makefile together with an example Hello World project on:

Which can be an interesting alternative if you can't or simply don't want to use Intel system studio.

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