Wikitude Plugin

Wikitude Plugin

Hi All,

I have downloaded the wikitude plugin for cordova from

I also put in the trial license key as request by the document. I try to do a build for android (cordova hybrid, CLi version 5.1.1) but was prompted build failed but i can't see any error in the log file. Attach is the screen shot and the detail of the log file.


Thank you for your help.




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Inspecting the plugin in the github repo (, it appears that it requires the use of gradle in the build system. Unfortunately, for security reasons, our build system is incompatible with plugins that include gradle scripts. That is why this plugin does not work with the XDK. You'll have to install Cordova CLI locally, on your dev system, and build it that way (you'll also have to install Android Studio.

We are working on a solution to our build system that would allow the use of gradle scripts, but that will not be ready anytime soon. Unfortunately, there are severe security issues with enabling third-party gradle scripts, so it is not something we can simply enable.

Hi Paul,

Thanks. However their website seem confuse people like me that thought the SDK is ready for intel XDK


It could be that an older version of their plugin did not use the gradle scripts. You might want to contact them to get some clarification and let them know that our build system cannot handle custom gradle scripts in plugins and find out if they have a version that does not require this feature.

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