Norton Anti-virus

Norton Anti-virus

I have an ISV that is attempting to run the power checker on their game, but they have a version of Norton anti-virus running in the back ground. He says he has no way to disable ti completely, or turn it off. This of course is causing him to fail the test. Does anyone know of a way to turn the Norton off, or some other solution?


Jordan Arey

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Hi Jordan,

I found this link:

The disable from the system services list should always work.

Outside of that, I do all my performance analysis on a separate system that doesn't have all the virus protections andetc, overhead on it.I still do my principal development work on a system with all the usual protections.

Another technique you can use if you only have one system and don't want to buy another,is to either setup another"analysis" OS on a different partition, or simply installyour analysis system on anotherhard disk that you swap in when you need it.


Thanks Taylor,

I will pass on the suggestions. I appreciate your help.


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