Using Cilkview report with same tag

Using Cilkview report with same tag

In my program I have a loop where I do some work I wish to profile, and some work that I do not(some GUI updates/writing to file). However, I can't find a way to use cilkview to analyze only this portion. The docs state that loops like thisfor (int count=0; count{ cilkview_data_t data; __cilkview_query(d); do_parallel_stuff(); __cilkview_report(d, NULL, "stuff_tag", CV_REPORT_WRITE_TO_RESULTS); do_some_serial_stuff();}will have the fastest run used for the graph. Is there anyway to have cilkview concatenate the reports?Also, the docs directory is not included in the Linux version, only the Windows version.

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There are two bugs, there: inability to concatonate results, which the old Cilkview had, and lack of docs in the Linux package. I'll look into those.

An updated version of the Linux package has been posted that includes the doc. The ability to concatonate the results is an interface bug that will take a little more work. I'll keep you posted.

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