Assertion for "w->l->throttle_countdown != 0"

Assertion for "w->l->throttle_countdown != 0"


I was running a cilk-enabled program on my 64-bit Windows-7 system and hit this error:
.\\sched.c:1185: cilk assertion failed: w->l->throttle_countdown != 0

The processor is an i7-2720QM (quad-core with hyperthreading = up to 8 threads).

The process was only using about 1GB RAM, and is compiled for intel64 anyway, so memory shouldn't be a factor here (in the past I was getting assertions due to running out of memory for 32-bit apps).

Any ideas what this means or how to fix it?

I'm compiling with Intel C++ Intel 64 Compiler XE for applications running on Intel 64, Version Build 20110427.

thanks very much,
Daniel Faken

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Thiswas fixed in12.0.5. The throttle countdown was an attempt to improve the performance ofcode that enters/leaves Cilk quickly. In the Update 5 release we reworked the code to avoid the cache thrashing at the root of the problem.

- Barry

Thank you, Barry!
I will try the latest update.

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