Error while compiling with gcc

Error while compiling with gcc

I get the followinf error

main.c:107:2: internal compiler error: in extract_for_fields, at cilk-spawn.c:1857

and the relevant lines are:

cilk_for (index = 0; table_name[index]!=NULL; ++index )
/* some work*/

Line 107 corresponds to the closing braces of cilk_for loop.

Any help is appreciated!

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I agree the compiler should not crash. We will look into it. If you can find a fix, please feel free to do so and send us a patch.

But, what you are trying to do is not a legal Cilk_for loop. The condition in Cilk_for must test the loop control variable. Also, one must be able to predict the number of iterations a cilk_for will run and the case you have does not satisfy that.


Balaji V. Iyer.

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