problem linking

problem linking

HiI have installed 30-days evaluation of the Intel C++ compiler. I have managed to modify sources to compile with the Intel C++ but have staked on the linking. I get error2>ipo : error #11063: Q:\\Periscope\\Development\\lib\\Utilities\\x64\\Release\\Utilities.lib : UTILITIES::TCPIP::SOCKET_BUFF::overflow(?overflow@SOCKET_BUFF@TCPIP@UTILITIES@@QEAA_NI@Z) already defined in Q:\\Periscope\\Development\\lib\\Utilities\\x64\\Release\\Utilities.libThe text of error is confusing since it implies obvious condition which should not be an error.The name of the function is changing if i try to build other projects. However the problem is always the same the eror #11063.Any help?My Env:Windows server 2003-64bit,VS 2010ThanksAdam Zielinski

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Hi Adam,

I recommend you to submit an issue at along with the source code, so that our support engineer can reproduce the problem with it in our system.


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