call stack with pthread mutex calls.

call stack with pthread mutex calls.

I am instrumenting my program with parallel studio on my linux box. A percentage in the hotspots analysis point to __ll_unlock_wake/wait for a mutex with a number. i cant see a call stack to these. Hence they show up as separate and not accounted in any top calling function.

how do i see the call stack to these ?
How do i trace this mutex to which mutex in my code ?


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We may need to know more about the behavior, the application being
analyzed, etc. However, when working
with the POSIX Thread library there may be some important compilation aspects
relating to analysis of an application using POSIX Thread libraries. The document titled Compiler
Switches for Intel VTune Amplifier XE for Linux*
discusses important configuration
considerations in such cases. Let us
know if you need further assistance.

- Rob

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