Amplifier is not finding source code in VS2008 project

Amplifier is not finding source code in VS2008 project

Hi I've used amplifier succesfully in a several cases but now I'm stumped. I have a relatively simple project and everything is showing up as unknown. Meaning the actual source code in the project is not found. Only assembly, It's not allowing me to manually find the code either.
I'm running on a Xeon 8 core, Windows 7, VS2008 sp1, latest update for Parallel Amplifier.I am running release with debug onI have tried setting the source/pdb directoriesI have tried building everything 64bitI have tried building the dependencies as static libs & dll'sI have tried building with dll runtime and non dll runtimeIt's always the same. My functions themselves show in the call stack but the source file is [unknown]No sensitive code. I can send the entire project with source if you like.Vincent

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Good to hear that the issue appears to be resolved by verifying debug symbols is enabled at compile time.

- Rob

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