Installing Visual Fortran Compiler Proffesional 11.0.075

Installing Visual Fortran Compiler Proffesional 11.0.075

I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 on my computer. I want to installVisual Fortran Compiler Proffesional 11.0.075, but an error (Pre-requisite Issue Summary) occures saing "This machine lacks Microsoft Visual Studio software."

I would appreciate it if you could please help me solve the problem.



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Hi Samad,

The 11.X version of the compilersdoes not support or recognize VS 2010. If you don't have an earlier version of VS, youshould download the IVF package that includes the VS Shell which is one option. If not, you can run use VS2008 of course. Another option is for you to upgrade to 12.X version which supports VS2010.

I assume that answers your question. Please let me know if you need any further clarification, appreciate much.


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