Why does -cm not suppress comments?

Why does -cm not suppress comments?

I am trying to figure out what the -cm option does.

For instance if I compile something with -cm, I still
get lines like

module SUBMOD
program MAIN

22 Lines Compiled

This is unlike C compilers, e.g., which are quiet when given error free programs.

I have a Makefile which ends up compiling things many times , and in my circumstance this results in a very long megilla of messages like the above. I want to suppress them so that it is much easier to see actual error messages when they occur.

How can I get such messages to be suppressed?

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As mentioned in users guide:
-cm option disables "messages that indicate valid but unadvisable use of the language being compiled"

"# lines compiled" kind of message does not come under this category and hence not disabled with this option.

AFAIK there is no option to disable such messages.
You can redirect your output to some file and process it to get actual errors.


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I believe these "progress" messages will go away in a future version.



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