Mode with PXFOPEN

Mode with PXFOPEN

I'm trying to use PXFOPEN. I can read
files, but I can't write - I suspect
this is because I'm not setting the
mode correctly.

On other systems the mode is the or'd combination
of S_IRUSR || S_IWUSR || S_IRGRP, etc., but these
don't work with Intel compiler and the manual (for
version 5.1) doesn't tell one anything.

What are the correct values for the mode that one can
use for the mode?

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This should just be the usual Linux octal access code.
So you should be able to set it to something like (octal) 644, assuming you are creating a new file and have write access to the directory.
If you still have difficulties, please submit an issue to Intel Premier Support at


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