intel-fortran and gcc 4.4.3 -> "f951" error

intel-fortran and gcc 4.4.3 -> "f951" error

Hi all,

I installed Intel-compiler fortran 12.x aka "Composer XE" on Ubuntu 10.10 64bits machine as it is explained on this indications.
the only difference is that I use a more recent gcc version (4.4.3).
but now, when I try to compile I have the following mistake:

$gcc: error trying to exec 'f951': execvp: No such file or directory

Does somebody have an idea ?

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You are probably using a makefile which thinks that the default compiler for Fortran should be a GNU compiler.

Run Make from the IFort environment, or try to build a simple Fortran program without using Make from the same environment.

You don't need a gfortran installation to use ifort. If you ask gcc (which you do need) to compile a Fortran source file, it will look for gfortran.
The ifort installation doesn't change anything in the gcc installation. As already mentioned, you would use ifort command (with ifort environment variables set) to start the ifort compiler.

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